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Our house has been dubbed a zoo, not just by us... but by anyone who visits! We certainly have an abundance of animals, both inside and out!

Rockmaple's Taffy


           Taffy is our 8-year-old, purebred Labrador Retriever by Corhampton's Sweet William CD and out of Rockmaple's Zipper. Taffy has been with us since she was 8 weeks old and has given us hundreds of troubles, unwanted "gifts", but most importantly thousands of memories. Not really the bravest dog around, but certainly one that can put on the "bravest" act. Yes... if you've ever been at my house, she is a tad bit spoiled; sleeps on my parent's bed at night, the furniture  and where ever else she wants. She also has her sacred kennel in the dining room, where all her toys must be accounted for atleast once during the day. Don't even think about taking her near water unless you want a wet dog, trust me there's no way to keep her out of it!! She'd swim all day if she could, but I guess that's what those webbed feet are for.

Abby is my pride and joy! Although, a bit annoying at times (even a lot of times!), this little 2 year old, purebred Jack Russel Terrier is the cutest dog around! Weighing in at a huge 13 pounds, she can overtake any dog... at least she likes to think so! She's my "miniature Pit Bull" in disguise.

Leo (Uncle Leo)


Maggie (Little Magoo)


Rusty (Old Nipppy)


Max (Maxwell Smart)


and I can't forget our "PEI rabbit," Rocky.