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          Oh boy, MB 2002... what a week. Haha... how did I ever land up getting stuck sleeping beside Walling the whole week?? Along with her IDIOT weirdo stuffed animals, which always seemed to be right in my face every time I woke up?? Try waking up to a monkey's butt, it's almost as bad as waking up with Walling in your face. OH MAN... sleep talking mania like EVERY night!! Atleast this year there were no obscene words being thrown around in the middle of the night. Remember the night three of us (Me, Walling and Victoria) tried to sleep together on the floor and in the early morning Victoria was nowhere to be found, but we didn't go search for her?? HAHAHA loner Doehler!! By the way Victoria... there was NO lightning, you just wanted to sleep in our room, instead of sleeping by yourself HAHA!! The CEILING is CRACKING!!! No more punk rocking in Big Ben. Oh god it was fun... well MOST of it atleast. PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON CHILD... and put the ladder DOWN!! Don't forget it girls... MB buddies forever!!


What ARE you doing??


Venture, Spree and Briar on a very frosty morning


Mmmmm... sacred potato chips... Mmmmmm...


"The doctor said I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds, if I just kept Emma's finger outta there"