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January 2, 2003
      Well, here it is a new year! Not too much has been going on around the farm. With the passing of Cocoa last month, it has been different with only the two horses. I have been on a search the past few weeks for another mare. I was originally hoping to find a mare in the Atlantic provinces that suited our needs, but these days there isn't much around that is for sale. Good lines are getting harder to find, unless your looking to pay 10K or looking to purchase a young, green broke horse. So I've slightly expanded my horizons lately. At the moment we're looking at a 15 year old, Hanoverian/TB broodmare (Registered Canadian Sport Horse) in Berwick. She's really, really good natured and has had 5 foals throughout the past 6 years. If we do make the purchase, I will be looking to breed to a Warmblood this Spring... thought about using Morden again... but don't know if I want a 3/4 TB. However, I still have lots of time to think and who knows... maybe we won't even land up buying the mare!!!
     Anyways, guess that's about it for now! 

November 4, 2002:
      Welcome to my new "blog" area of the site. Here I'm gonna post the general going on's of the place every once and a while. Winter has arrived with a huge bang!! It's only early November and already things have frozen up. Even the ring is frozen solid in one end, due to the fact it rained and immediately afterward it snowed and FROZE grrrrr... so I'm out of riding for the time being. I'm considering boarding out for the winter so I can continue training and weekly lessons without having to worry about the weather.
       Presto is (was) going extremely well, getting used to the new routine of almost every day riding. We were working on walk-canter transitions... flying changes across the centreline... and bending through on the right rein. I free-schooled him over 4' 1" on Wednesday which went really well, except for the "him not stopping" problem.
      I'm really happy with my new dressage saddle purchase while I was at the fair!! Especially can't get over the deal I got... $500 off and a $120 show  pad thrown in!! If you're looking for a new saddle, definately check out the BR (Bieman Riding Equipment) line up. I bought the Vavaldi and it's soooooooooo comfy!! Now, I just need to get fitted for my boots and I'm all set for next season... although an FEI Junior horse would be nice too ;-)  Oh well... until that happens, I guess I can settle for Presto.  

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