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This page is dedicated to the loving memory of our beloved mare and friend; Cocoa, who we said goodbye to December 4th, 2002 after a battle against Cushing's Disease.
We miss you girl, love you.


Sire: Bar Money's Chip- by Bar Money (by Three Bars), out of Miss Batsy Leo (Leo lineage)
Dam: Snapper Do- by Smokey Elgelo (Peter Mccue lineage), out of Miss Cooper 64 (Peter Mccue lineage)               

    1987 foundation bred mare, registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. Hard to find a mare today with the breeding this mare had... especially within their 5th generation pedigree. Bred and raised on Rhode Island, brought to Nova Scotia in the early 90's to later be sold to the Equus Centre, where we purchased her in 1997.
     Cocoa was the most patient mare I've ever known. Throughout every ordeal we went through, there was never so much as a pinned ear. She truly was a pleasure to work around. We'll miss you Cocoa.