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Here are some Equus pics from 99/00:

1999/3rd Session, my first camp experience!! I'll never forget Christina, Emily and Brenna singing..."Ride My Pony, Ride My Pony" or my bunk with the smallest amount of headroom... "Fitch, what time...BUMP...OWWWWW!


David/Pride, Kate/Firecat, Katrina/Cricket, Rebecca/Puzzles, Brenna/Goldie, Bailey/Lacy


Some of the 3rd Session Gang


Me on Abby during show day.


Sorting things out before our pairs jumping courses

2000/3rd and 4th Session, Oh God!! What can I say about those sessions?? How about AWESOME!! Except when Abby went lame and I rode Cricket... HAHAHA Brenna!! "Somebody stole the Collegiate, I can't find it anywhere!!!" Next time check under my saddle... HEHE!! Oh yes, don't use latex paint when writing Happy Birthday on horses hind ends... it doesn't come off very easily.


Lindsay and Firecat during show day.


Brenna/Connie, Veronika/Curiosity, Me/Cricket, Katelyn/Huck


Me riding Cricket during show day.